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Borde Hill Cultural Strategy, 2013 –14
Phoenix Brighton Exhibition Partners and Collaborators Report, 2013
Spode China Hall: Contemporary Art Programme & Business and Operational Plan, 2012

Borde Hill Illustration by Louise O'Reilly Borde Hill Cultural Strategy, 2013 – 14
Borde Hill Garden, set within 200 acres of parkland and woodland in the High Weald of Sussex and an AONB, is home to an outstanding collection of over 8000 exotic and rare trees and shrubs, many of them collected by the great plant hunters of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Correspondence between Colonel Stephenson R Clarke, creator of Borde Hill Garden, plant hunters and other notable plant collecting families and nurseries provide a rich resource for the arts. Frances Lord and Belinda Holden were awarded Arts Council England funding to develop a Cultural Strategy for Borde Hill Garden: 'Elizabethan mansion to Edwardian horticultural splendor'.

Louise O'Reilly, Borde Hill's first artist-in-residence, researched the lost plant hunters' letters, correspondence between the Colonel and other notable plant collecting families and nursery owners, and individual plant histories. Her residency culminated in an exhibition and two exquisite printed booklets Plant Histories 1: Emmenopteryis henryi, and Plant Histories 2: Liriodendron chinese, illustrated with Louise's original drawings of plants, maps, letters and other archival material. Each plant history is unique and shows the extraordinary story of adventure, horticultural passion and plant husbandry behind each new species introduced to the West, and the sheer scale of the ambition and achievement of Colonel Stephenson Robert Clarke and his collaborators in creating Borde Hill Garden.

Phoenix Brighton Exhibition Partners
and Collaborators Report, 2013

The brief for this report was to identify potential exhibition and project partners and collaborators based in the UK and beyond; focusing specifically on national and international studio groups with galleries and artist-curators based in the UK.

The criteria for selection was that partners and collaborators should share Phoenix's artistic vision, which centres around the creative working process, and offers opportunities for artists to develop and extend their practice and engage in critical discourse and interpretation.

Client: Phoenix Brighton

Spode China Hall: Contemporary Art Programme & Business
and Operational Plan, 2012

My colleague Kate Stoddart and I were appointed to develop a programme of exhibitions, a business and operations plan, and investigate funding opportunities for Spode China Hall, Stoke on Trent. The final report presented a curatorial vision for visual arts, events and activities 2012 - 15 and a funding plan to support the development of the space and related case studies.

The report also addressed essential infrastructure needs and building requirements, including the feasibility of an on-site café and shop. A vision of arts-led regeneration allied with strong local, regional and national partners, and close collaboration with Stoke City Council was identified. Staffing needs were addressed and key strategic partnerships and potential investors into the initiative were identified.



























"an excellent piece of work that allows us to be both visionary and practical….[the report] will really help us to strengthen and expand the ways in which we approach our programming and collaborate with artists…',