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Combe Down Public Art Project, 2008 – 2011
Langley Green, Crawley, 2009
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Langley Green Polished granite bollard, Bruce Williams, Langley Green, Crawley

Project Partners
Crawley Borough Council
Allen Scott landscape architects
Funded through S106

Arts consultancy
by Frances Lord









Project Partners
Bath & North East Somerset Council, Hydrock, Provelio, Combe Down Stone Mines Community Association
Funded by Homes and Communities Agency

Public art consultancy
by Frances Lord and Steve Geliot

Experience in community consultation was an essential part of the project managers’ brief, and Steve and Frances were appointed because of their track record and sensitive approach.”
Ann Cullis, Senior Arts Development Officer, Bath and North East Somerset Council

Langley Green
Polished granite seating, Bruce Williams

Langley Green, Crawley, 2009

Artist Bruce Williams was commissioned to work with Crawley Borough Council's Property Services team on the regeneration of Langley Green. Bruce designed five stainless steel banners, ten inlayed paving panels, five polished granite seats and eighteen polished granite bollards.

The patterns which now fill Langley Parade were all suggested by the people of Langley Green and Langley Green Primary School to represent themselves and their cultures. The patterns which were chosen from carpet designs, drawings, textiles and household decorations, to name but a few, give us a glimpse into the customs, traditions, heritage and lives of the people of Langley Green.

The international range of designs reflects the enormous cultural and ethnic diversity of the area and depicts many of the cultures which have settled in Langley Green. The patterns and decorations, normally hidden in everyone's homes, are brought out into the Parade, to celebrate the variety of people who form the local community. The countries featured include Barbados, China, Diego Garcia, England, France, India, Italy, Lithuania, Mauritius, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka and Wales. The patterns have been developed from many sources including woven, knotted and printed textiles, ceramic tiles, architecture, counters, embroidery, henna, toys, badges and crests.
combe down
Stainless steel light column banners, Bruce Williams