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City Park West Phase 1 Chelmsford, 2014-15

Project partners:
Genesis Housing Association; Denne Construction; Bidwell's; Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects; AREA Landscape Architects.

Public art consultancy

Frances Lord

frances lord Tipping sculpture
Sandblasted granite with text
Lead artist Christopher Tipping was appointed to join the Design Team and proposed embedded text and glazing for this former Anglia Ruskin University site in Central Chelmsford.

The text, selected by Christopher Tipping and inspired by the history and geography of the site and surrounding landscape, was set into the paving, seating and steps to form a narrative leading north to south through the site. The life and times of Anne Knight, one of Chelmsford's most distinguished residents (1786 – 1862), was one of the main sources for this creative interpretation. Anne Knight, a Quaker and a stalwart Anti Abolitionist, was one of very few women to attend the World Anti-Slavery Convention meeting in London in 1840. In 1847 she published what is considered to be the very first leaflet calling for votes for women, including this famous tract. "Never will the nations of the earth be well governed until both sexes, as well as all parties, are fully represented and have an influence, a voice, and a hand in the enactment and administration of the law".

Other texts refer to Chelmsford's changing place names and the surrounding landscape as the town began to grow following the coming of the railway in 1842, and extracts from Anne Knight's correspondence with her family.

frances Lord Chris Tipping
Courtyard detail with slatted timber seating and text


frances lord art and architecture Digitally printed glazing in foyer of residential area