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3Ts Hospital Development Brighton, 2010
Woodhurst Diagnostics and Treatment Centre (DTC), 2010
Lister Surgicentre, Stevenage, 2010
Public Art Policy and Strategy
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Project Team:
Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust, Laing O'Rourke, Willis Newson

Arts and Healthcare consultancy and project management roles include:

3Ts Hospital Development Brighton, 2010

Arts and health consultancy Willis Newson, lead artist Steve Geliot and Frances Lord were commissioned to develop an integrated arts strategy for the 3Ts (Teaching, Trauma and Tertiary Care) Royal Sussex County Hospital site. Frances’ role was to lead on arts community consultation, development of partnership projects/co-commissions and identifying funding sources. The Arts Strategy reflected the rich culture and community of Brighton and demonstrated how the arts can be used to create effective therapeutic environments and a strong sense of place and identity within the new hospital.

Woodhurst Diagnostics and Treatment Centre (DTC), 2010
Development of an Arts Strategy for Woodhurst Diagnostics and Treatment Centre (DTC), Pease Pottage, West Sussex. Client: Sussex Health Care.

Lister Surgicentre, Stevenage
Arts Strategy for Lister Surgicentre, Stevenage. Client: Clinicenta Photographer Sharon Elphick was commissioned to work with the client to design bespoke wallpaper for the Lister Surgicentre. The Surgicentre offers day case surgery and some short-stay surgery, including orthopaedics and a full range of ophthalmology services.