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Bewbush Healthy Living
Centre, Crawley, 2010

Project partners:
Crawley Borough Council, S&P architects, Willmot Dixon; funding through S106.

Arts consultancy and project management
by Frances Lord.

frances lord Bewbush
Susan Kinley, silk hangings with front entrance glazed panels in distance
Artist Susan Kinley, commissioned by Crawley Borough Council and working closely with S&P architects and glass manufacturers Fusion Glass, created a series of glazed panels and textile hangings based on the local flora and fauna for Bewbush Healthy Living Centre, Crawley, West Sussex. The Healthy Living Centre formed part of the Heart of Bewbush Neighbourhood Improvement Masterplan.

Twenty one decorative panels, with a digitally printed interlayer of images sandwiched in between doubled glazed units, and three silk hangings, were installed in the main entrance, hall and fitness suites. Fitness suite panels were semi-frosted to allow privacy for users. The photographic images of reeds, grasses and spring and autumn flowers were taken by the artist in the Bewbush water gardens and local parks, with Susan working closely with the Bewbush Community Forum to ensure that imagery used reflected the character of Bewbush neighbourhood.

Metal paving inserts by artist Steven Follen will be installed in the square outside the Healthy Living Centre in late 2011.

frances Lord art and architecture
Susan Kinley, glazed panels, front entrance to Bewbush Healthy Living Centre


frances lord art and architecture Transferring a vinyl digitally printed image onto glass, Fusion factory, Croydon